Arohanui BC Muddy Cup Cake, LPL h 09
La Perm, female F4
b. November 23, 2013
Chocolate tortie + white - h 09
Bloodtype A, PK neg.

Muddy is one of the three cats I imported from USA when her breeder was closing her cattery.
Muddy is a very gentle and charming girl with very nice type.

Now co-owned with Agneta Canpolat
.Dubble Grand Champion TICA


S*Ägirs Hus BC Öja, LPL f 02 21 62
La Perm, female F4
b. April 4, 2016
Black torbie harlequin
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

Öja is a lovely girl from Ullfrid and Pita Anaru.
She is owned by Ingrid Foschi who is part of the cattery since 2016

Öja will be neutered and is looking for a new home!


S*Ägirs Hus BC Agnes, LPL f
La Perm, female F3
b. July 3, 2016
Black tortie
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

Another wonderful and sweet girl from Ymna and Menno's first litter form whom we could not part.
She has the sweetest face and personality plus a great type.


S*Ägirs Hus BC Dislög, LPL w 64
La Perm, female F3
b. Nov 3, 2016
Green eyed White
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

A kind and soft girl from Nertus and Gerald, to keep the white going.


S*Ägirs Hus BC Humbla, LPL h 03
La Perm, female F3
b. Mar 28, 2017
Chocolate tortie bicolour
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

Our little bundle of both joy and energy! Humbla is the daugher of Muddy and Pita Anaru. She is a promising girl and a real sweatheart.


Hip Hop

SE*Burelands BC Hip Hop, LPL n 23
La Perm, male F3
b. Nov 30, 2017
Black meckerell tabby
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

Newest boy who is to be our stud nest year. He has Ägirs Hus cats behind on both maternal and paternal side :-)
Lives in a family home here in Trelleborg.


SE*Sallysparkling BC Snövit, LPL w 64
La Perm, female F2
b. Dec 19 , 2017
Bloodgroup A, PK neg.

Ingrid fell for this little bundle of joy - she is the granddaughter of both S*Ägirs Hus BC Vera
och S*Ägirs Hus BC Pan, nice with our cats on both sides of her
A very confident girl!

Owns by and lives with Ingrid Foschi.

2006 - Netherlands. Vlinder Allegonda - Selkirk Rex
2006 - England. Quincunx Curly Coyote - La Perm.
2007 - France. Abracadabra de La Fontaine Mamoine - Selkirk Rex
2008 - Australia. Frisson BC Woodsmoke - La Perm
2009 - Germany. BC Chumba Vom Feld - La Perm
2010 - England. Ballego Lilac Bubblecut - La Perm
2011 - Austria. Aquilaaltairral Kahpo - La Perm
2012 - Netherlands. NL*Takoda BC Maiara - La Perm
2012 - Netherlands. NL*Kia-Ora Maitai Atama - La Perm
2013 - Netherlands. NL*Takoda BC Mika - La Perm
2015 - Netherlands. NL*Kia-Ora PitaAnaru - La Perm
2015 - Germany. BC Gerald von Mauze - La Perm
2015 - USA. Arohanui BC Lilla - La Perm
2015 - USA. Arohanui BC Muddy - La Perm
2015 - USA. Arohanui BC Chocky - La Perm
2015 - Germany. Smeralda's BC Menno - La Perm
2015 - Norway. NO*Zayco Exit of Kinkajou - La Perm


2009 - Netherlands. S*Ägirs Hus Edvina - Selkirk Rex
2009 - Finland. S*Ägirs Hus BC Freke - La Perm
2009 - Norway. S*Ägirs Hus BC Fenja - La Perm
2009 - Netherlands. S*Ägirs Hus BC Groa - La Perm
2010 - Denmark. S*Ägirs Hus BC Igul - La Perm
2010 - Norway. S*Ägirs Hus Helge - Selkirk Rex
2010 - Germany. S*Ägirs Hus BC Garm - La Perm
2013 - Finland. S*ÄgirsHus BC Qaffe - La Perm
2014 - Greece. S*Ägirs Hus BC Rike - La Perm
2014 - Netherlands. S*Ägirs Hus BC Ugi - La Perm
2015 - Norway. S*Ägirs Hus BC Zink - La Perm
2016 - Norway. S*Ägirs Hus BC Conny - La Perm
2016 - Netherlands. S*Ägirs Hus BC Christer - La Perm
2017 - Japan. S*Ägirs Hus BC Ödis - La Perm
2017 - Taiwan. S*Ägirs Hus BC Eivor - La Perm
2017 - Belgium. S*Ägirs Hus BC Evald - La Perm
2018 - Netherlands. S*Ägirs Hus BC Mmagnhild - La Perm