Quincunx Curly Coyote


2020-07-16: Morran had 6 lovely babies yesterday morning

2020-06-09: Ssärimner has mated both Morran and Rröskva with good results - both are expecting kittens in July.
Morran is due July 13th.
Ssärimner is available for matings - email me with enquiry.

2020-02-09: I, Jenny, will take a step back in terms of breeding but Ingrid will continue with her planned litters, so please contact her for kitten requests.
Her e-mail is here


2019-11-11: Lleif has found his new home, planning to move this weekend.

2019-07-03: Morran gave birth to six lovely babies

2019-06-15: Today Agnes had three little boys!

2019-05-07: Today Rrote, Rraske and Rrunger moved to their new homes.
Tomorrow Rrimturs goes to his.

2019-05-02: Agnes has pinked up, so kittens expected around June 15th.
Morran and Nnikodemus has spent their week together now, so hopefully we will se Morran pink up as well in about two weeks.

2019-04-30: Ppösse left for Tokyo with Ida today. Tomorrow they will land and be greeted by Hirotaka (and Ödis!)

2019-04-16: Agnes and Nnikodemus have spent a week togheter - we'll se if he figured out what to do or not.

2019-03-27: Plans of the year are 2 litters from Nnikodemus. Agnes will have her last litter
and Snövit will have her first litter.

2019-03-26: Qqvittra is now sold to Ingrid at cattery SE*MightyFalls

I have decided to let Qqvittra go - I sell her because I have another major surgery coming up and that will take all my strenght and energy.
She is available for breeding, show and pet

2019-02-20: R2-litter got their names.

2019-02-12: Early this morning Humbla gave birth to five beautiful babies.

2019-01-20: Heart scans on Öja, Muddy, Snövit, Agnes and Dislög - all five showed fine hearts with NO signs of HCM or RCM .

2019-01-04: HipHop is looking for a new home as retired from his stud work.

2019-01-02: Oodisa moved today.


2018-12-28: Both Agnes and Humbla has pinked up - kittens expexted in late January and early February.

2018-12-21: HipHop is now neutered.

2018-12-07: Finally Nnimbus is moving to his forever home.

2018-12-03: Hip Hop is mating Agnes this week.

2018-11-17: Muddy gave birth to three beautiful kittens today!

2018-11-10: Pparvel moved to his new home today - he will live with great great grandmother Krinolin!

2018-11-07: Muddy is expecting her kittens any day now!

2018-10-06: We still have a few kittens for Sale - have a look at our Kittens page!

Ppågen and Annbritt has left for their new lives and Pplira is leaving today for cattery Curlalot in Västerås.

2018-09-17: Mmenja left for her new familjy today.

2018-09-15: Today Ootilia and Oostra moved to their new homes.

2018-08-26: We still have a few kittens for Sale, both for show/breeding and for pets only.

Yesterday Nnils and Nnorton moved to their new home.

2018-08-12: We still have our lovely Mmenja for sale - she is ready to move out!

2018-07-29: Today we said good bye to Mmynda, who went to her new home.

2018-07-25: Mmandulf and Mmule left for their new homes today!

2018-07-24: Today sweet Mmuske moved to his new mum and dad :-)

2018-06-29: Odd moved to his new home today :-)

Today Agnes had her babies - 7 of them!

2018-06-23: Dislög had her babies today - five small beauties!

2018-06-02: Öja gave birth to four beautiful boys early this morning!

2018-04-30: Nertus gave birth to 6 lovely babies yesterday/last night <3

2018-04-24: Now Agnes and Caramel are mating :-)

2018-04-20: Dislög and Caramel is now mating!
Llage is sold.

2018-04-15: Llage is for sale due to change of plans and life situations.
Suitable for breeding.

2018-04-07: Krinolin has now left for her new home <3

2018-04-02: Lleif is still available, and so is Krinolin and Odd.

2018-03-29: Kkerstin is now living with her grandmother Ullfrid :-D

2018-03-24: W still have two lovely babies available - Kkerstin and Lleif !

2018-03-16: Maja is in heat and we try once more to mate her to Caramel - This time he knows what to do, so we keep our fingers crossed ;-)

2018-03-12: We have three beautiful white babies for sale - grandchildren to our S*Ägirs Hus BC Vera and S*Ägirs Hus BC Pan.
Born at another breeder's but due to unfortunatel circumstances we had to help out... Lovely kittens!
Nertus seems to be pregnat - kittens due on April 30th!

2018-02-24: FINALLY Caramel had the curage to mate Nertus :-D. Hope it's not too late in her heat to give results..

2018-02-23: Caramel is a shy boy, so we will try to bring the girls to his home next time, and then maybe he will dare to come close to the girls ;-)
We will also have a litter with Hildegard later this year, together with the owners who bought her (same family who keep Caramel for us)

2018-02-19: Nertus staring calling today, we will try to get Caramel home for a date :-)

2018-02-05: Annbritt had five babies early this morning !

2018-01-04: Muddy is now co-owned between me and Agneta Canpolat.

2018-01-01: Happy New Year!!
Maja is calling so Caramel arrived to court her today.


2017-12-22: Annbritt has pinked up - kittens expected February 5th!

2017-12-20: Öja had two babies - one yesterday and one today :-)

2017-12-02: Annbritt and Xerox is now mating !

2017-11-06: Öja has pinked up! Kittens expected December 20th.

2017-10-15: Öja is with Xerox this week - we hope for good results!

2017-08-29: Muddy is now owned by Agneta Canpolat and has moved out.
We are still lokking for a new home for lovely Chocky

2017-07-22: Chocky is looking for a new home!
Arohanui BC Chocolate Chip, LPL b 09 23. Import from USA.
Born in August 2014.

2017-07-19: Maja and Menno are now mating!

2017-07-03: All kittens from G2- and H2-litter has now moved out. And also Evald who went to Belgium.

2017-06-08: Lilla is having her last litter this summer - instead of waiting until nest year.
We feel that she is better of being neutered by the end of this yeas since she is not a young girl anymore :-)
So, if you are looking for a LPS there is a new chanse soon!

2017-05-10: Evald is now booked to Elodie, Curlpassion cattery, in Belgium.

2017-05-04: S*Ägirs Hus BC Evald is For Sale again, he would have gone abroad in June, but circumstances made the deal off.

2017-04-28: Surprise - Krinolin gave birth to a baby this morning! :-D

20174-04-14: Frigga, Folke and Fjodor moved to theur new homes today.

2017-03-28: Yesterday Muddy had four lovely chocolate babies!

2017-03-15: This morning Maja had five beautiful babies!

2017-03-07: This morning Ida and Krister set off to Japan bringing Ödis to her new home with Hirotaka. We sure will miss our little rascal <3

2017-02-20: In about two weeks Ida and Krister will fly to Tokyo to bring Ödis to her new owner, Hirotaka Kawai.
A month later they + Tamlin are off to Taiwan bringing Eivor to her new owner, Archi Wang.
Many exciting things going on !

2017-02-19: Yesterday Ullfrid moved to her new home - we wish them all the best together <3

Muddy has pinked up - kittens expected around March 28th.
Pita Anaru is now neutered.

All kittens have now left us - except for Eivor and Evald who are going to Taiwan and USA in a short while.

2017-01-26: Ran has pinked up nicely - kittens expected March 12.

2017-01-22: Muddy and Pita Anaru just started mating!

2017-01-21: Lilla gave birth to five lovely plump kittens!

2017-01-08: Maja and PitaAnaru are mating!

2017-01-06: Ran and her new boyfriend S*Ägirs Hus BC Utar started mating yesterday!

2016-12-21: I am sorry to inform that Ran is no longer pregnat - he fell ill soon after she pinked up and the pregnancy probably stopped there and then.
Now we look forward to Lilla's litter due January 21!

2016-12-07: Today I ship a bunch of DNA-samples to Dr Leslie Lyons to see if she and her gang might find the mutation
making some of my cats bleach out their colours. Really exciting!!

2016-11-21: Ran has now pinked up - kittens expected January 3rd!

2016-11-04: Chocky and Xerox started mating today.

2016-11-03: Eary this morning Nertus gave birth to 7 lovely kittens!

2016-10-30: Now Gerald and Ran is mating.

2016-10-13: Yesterday we welcomed our new stud Odd - Solvinden That's All Right - to our cattery.

2016-10-08: Bosse and Berit have also moved out so we are all done for this time.

2016-10-01: Anita, Arne and Brita have left us as well - we wish them all the best!

2016-09-28: Now the A2-kittens has started to move out; we have said good bye to Asta, Agata, Alfons and Alfred.

2016-09-26: Ullfrid has pinked up nicely! Kittens around November 9th.
Ymna is looking for a new home as soon as her kittens have moved out, please be in touch if interested.

2016-09-19: Nertus has pinked up nicely - kittens expected November 2nd!

2016-09-05: Just a few days ago Gerald went home after courting Nertus - today it is Ullfrid's turn to have him over for a romance.

2016-08-20: Chocky has still not pinked up so I guess she is not pregnat. I will mate her to Gerald as soon as she calls again!

2016-08-14: At today's show both Menno and Xerox were awarded Champion titles :-)

2016-08-11: Early yesterday morning Lilla gave birth to 4 fine boys!

2016-07-09: Early this morning Muddy gave birth to three wonderful babies!

2016-07-05: Now every one of the Ö-litter has moved out - except for Ödis who is staying for a while before going to Japan.

2016-07-03: Ymna gave birth to 8 lovely babies last night!

2016-06-28: Today Öja moved to her new home - at my best friend Ingrid's house - and Öja will be part of our breeding program.

2016-06-26: Lilla has pinked up now, she is due August 9th!

2016-06-05: Ymna and Muddy are both expecting kittens - Ymna is due July 3rd and Muddy July 10th!
And today Lilla is in heat and is going to meet with Xerox :-)

2016-05-02: The two girls Ödis and Ölva are back For Sale!!

2016-05-01: Our boy from Norway - NO*Zayco Exit of Kinkajou - has shown a sternum defect, so he is excluded from breeding plans.

2016-04-30: My best friend Ingrid Foschi is now part of the cattery S*Ägirs Hus!
Mika and Maja are mating, so are Ymna + Menno and Muddy + Xerox - we keep our fingers crossed for kittens in 9 weeks :-)

2016-04-04: Ullfrid had 6 beautiful kittens!!!

2016-02-28: New plans on the site.

2016-02-21: Ran wasn't pregnat after all - she is now calling again and went to Mika yesterday for mating.

2016-02-19: Ullfrid has pinked up!! Kits due April 2nd.

2016-02-13: All Ä-babies moved out yesterday. We wish then all the best in their new homes!

2016-02-03: Ran has pinked up now!

-2016-02-01: Since Friday Ullfrid and Pita Anaru have been mating! :-D

2016-01-17: Have been to the heart specialis-t with six cats today for HCM-screening - Lilla, Muddy, Mika, Maja, PitaAnaru, Ullfrid - all hearts perfectly fine :-)

2016-01-11: And they are mating - so with some luck we will have kittens aournd March 16th!

2016-01-09: Ran is calling, so she will come to stay with Mika and do some romance ;-)

2016-01-01: Muddy's gallery is no online


2015-12-19: All four babies are now sold.
We are planning more litters this spring!

2015-11-19: Solvigg just had her litter this morning. Four beautiful babies!

2015-10-03: Solvigg has pinked up!! Babies expected November 18th :-D

2015-09-25: Beautiful Zink is again for sale!!

2015-09-14: Solvigg and PitaAnaru are dating now.
And Zumba left for her new home two days ago :-)

2015-09-10: GoodBye Zap! You will be fine in your new home :-)

2015-09-05: Today we say Bye Bye Zeke, and wish him well in his new family!
We still got two lovely girls for Sale!!

2015-08-29: Maja had a "ghost pregnancy" so no kittens this time ;-) We wait for Mika's hormons to rise further before we try again.

2015-07-20: Our three new girls fom USA arrived to Sweden last week - they are all doing fine and are settling in their new surroundings.

2015-06-23: Maja has now pinked up - we expect her and Mika's kittens around August 3rd! :-D

2015-06-13: Ran got her baby today - a lovely little girl :-)

2015-06-02: We made it - the La Perm is now a FULLY RECOGNIZED breed in FIFe, with start on 1st of october 2015!! :-D

2015-06-01: Krinolin had five curly cuties today. Gerald is a proud father!

2015-05-29: The LaPerm breed is now officially recognized in FIFe - we are exhausted but happy!

2015-05-23: Next week I will be in Portugal with four La Perms - Nertus, Ullfrid, Ymna - to be part of the FIFe General Assembly
when the decission of full recognition of the La Perm in FIFe is made.
We will also give a lecture on the breed at the Judge Seminar.
So wish us Luck!! :-D

2015-05-18: If all goes well we are getting three lovely ladies from USA in July !

2015-05-14: Ran has also pinked up - her kittens are axpected around June 12th :-)

2015-04-19: Krinolin has pinked up ! She is due May 30th - dad is Gerald.

2015-03-16: We just said farwell to Ymer!

2015-03-14: Today our little Ylög moved to her new family!

2015-02-18: All kitten galleries have been fixed and made avaiable

2015-02-15: This morning little sweetheart NL*Kia-Ora PitaAnaru arrived to Trelleborg!!
We welcome him into the family and thank Jolande and Peter for letting us have him!

2015-02-14: Unfortunalety the sweet lovely Vigdis needs a new home asap:
She lives in Nacka - contact us if interested!

2015-02-06: Yesterday Yngve went with his new mom and dad to Gothenburg!

2015-01-30: Vilgot, Xylo and Xapod left for their new loving homes today!

2015-01-29: Vigdis, Xolt and Viking have left for their new homes - we wish them all the best in the future!

2015-01-26: Only Ymer left - He is a really lovely boy !

2015-01-25: We now have only two lovely boys left for sale - Viking and Ymer!!

2015-01-24: The show in Köge, Denmark, went well for all the La Perms attending!
Solvigg got her first CAC in class 9, Ullfrid got her ex1 in class 12 plus the BIV :-)
Utar got his ex1 in class 12 and SE*Mirror BC Cookie got her first CAPIB in class 8!


2014-12-21: Today we sent Ugi off to Netherlands, to Cattery Eldoria,
and yesterday Maiara left for her new home - we wish them both all the best in their new homes <3

2014-12-02: Galleries for the U-litter is now finally fixed ;)

2014-12-02: It is now decided that Ugi is moving to Cattery Eldoria in Netherlands, to our friendsOlga and Piet!

2014-11-22: Urd and Utar have left for their new homes now!
We had a late cancelation on Una, which means she is still looking for her ForEverHome.

2014-11-13: Nertus had her babies on Nov 10th - five lovely kits!

2014-11-06: Also Norna had her babies the other day, but late in the evening. Five beautiful boys :-)

2014-11-04: Maja has her kittens this morning!! Five beautiful babies.

2014-09-28: Nertus has pinked up as well - her kittens expected Nov 11th :-D

2014-09-23: Both Norna and Maja have pinked up nicely - kittens expected November 4th!

2014-09-13: Today Troll left for his new home - we wish them all the best!

2014-09-12: I brought Nertus back from her date with Gatsby - hopefully with her belly full of kits ;-)

2014-08-30: Maja is on a date with Quiz, Norna is on a date with Ceasar :-)
Love is in the air...

2014-08-28: Happy Birthday Nertus, and all the N-litter kits - 2 years today!!

2014-08-23: Krinolin had her babies today!! Six beautiful kits - three boys and three girls!

2014-08-22: Last weekend in Helsingborg, Maja and Quiz became International Champions!!
Magne and Olga became International Premiers !!
and Nörr was Premier.

2014-08-09: All five La Perms (3 from ÄgirsHus and 2 from Mirror) got their certificates at the show in Dragör, Denmark, today!

2014-07-30: Little foster kitten Tyra is now booked to a lovely home!

2014-07-11: Krinolin has pinked up - she expect kittens around August 24th!

2014-07-05: Babies have got their names. Our own boy is called Troll and the foster girl is Tyra.

2014-06-26: Maiara has got a little foster child! A wee newborn girl who had been abandoned by her mother (a homeless cat).
Now she will grow up in our home as Maiara's daugheter :-D

2014-06-20: Today Maiara had her baby ( yes only one baby!)
and Krinolin and Quiz have started mating!

2014-06-13: ...I just realized I made a mistake when calculating Maiara's days - it is June 18th she is due, not this week!!
Sorry, I do feel stupid ;-o

Sigvard and Svea left for their new homes today - we wish them all the best!

2014-06-12: We are awaiting Mairas kittens - she is on day 66 today...No sign of labour yet.

2014-05-21: This weekend Magne became Premier and Quiz became Champion!!

2014-05-17: We have got the opportunity to have a litter from Norna - Nertus sister - this year.
Norna is a beautiful blacksilvertabby girl, and I'm very happy about it!

2014-05-11: Today Nertus and Mika became International Champions!! :-)
And Maja became Champion! :-) Congratulations to them all!

2014-05-03: We have decided to keep Solvigg in the cattery - she will stay with the family who keep her mother Jorunn as well .

2014-04-23: Maiara and Pan have mated - we look forward to kittens around June 11th!

2014-03-18: (at 2.14 am) NOW Jorunn has started her labour!!!
Four beautiful babies :-)

2014-03-07: Tomorrow we will attend a show in Dragör, Denmark, with Nertus, Mika and Maja!

2014-02-24: Mika and Nertus are now Champions!!

2014-02-19: This weekend, Feb 22-23, we will attend a show in Kristianstad with Nertus and Mika.
There will also be two other La Perms there; Olga from our O-litter and a female from SE*Mirror on Saturday, and S*ÄgirsHus BC Rune on Sunday.

2014-02-03: Galleries of Maiara and Nertus have been updated.

2014-02-02: Jorunn has pinked up nicely ! Kittens expected around March 18th :-D

Also good news; since LaPerm got its preliminary recognition we gained a couple of generations back
in some pedigrees- while working towards recognition we couldn't count straight haired cats born out of two curly parents as "La Perms",
but now they are registered as LPL/S * 84 (where 84 means straight hair) and they are ok to use in breeding :-)
For example Ballego Lilac Bubblecat got two genarations back and is again an F5 - making our kittens S*ÄgirsHus BC Magne and Metta the first born F6 La Perms once again!
Our Q-litter is now official an F7-litter - that's nice ;-)

2014-01-26: Both Nertus and Mika got their CAC on yesteday's show in Köge, Denmark!

2014-01-15: S*Ägirs Hus BC Metta, 2½ years old, will be needing a new home from February 21st when her kitten is old enough to part from her.
Metta is born August 25th 2011, and her coulor is lilac silver agouti point. (LPL cs 21 33).
She is a beautiful och sweet girl, would fit as ashow cat, I think, but of course a loving home of any kind is of most priority!
Metta is not yet neutered, so if you are interested in breeding let me know before it's too late ;-)
Here is her page with pics + info from birth and onwards.
Please feel free to contact us if interest or questions!
Metta is currently living with her family in Gnosjö.

2014-01-13: January 25th we will take Nertus and Mika to a show in Köge, Denmark. Wish us good luck!

2014-01-11: This week Ran, Rind, Rune and Roland has moved to their new homes (Ran will have one litter for us nest year)
Rimne will leave later today.
Rike have to wait for a few more weeks since he is going to Greece!

Jorunn started to call yeaterday, so she is now with Mika :-)


2013-12-03: Right now Ida has just landed in Amsterdam to meet our friends Karin & Henk Langeveld (NL*Takoda)
and pick up our new handsome stud NL*Takoda BC Mika!
Updates and pics will follow.

2013-10-25: We're happy to have recieved photos from the owners of Plaska, Quorn, Qyss, Quiz and Qvader.

2013-10-13: Maja had her litter today - 6 boys and 2 girls!!
Their page will be up tomorrow.

2013-10-05: Qaffe is now on his way to Finland with his new mum Ulla.
We wish them all the best together!
At his new home La Perm S*ÄgirsHus BC Freke and some more feline friends are awaiting his arrival.

2013-09-08: Quiz left for his home last Friday - he will stay in the cattery but live elsewhere with his neutered half brother Nörr and a lovely family.
Quorn was picked up by his new mum and dad today, also he will have a feline friend and lots of love at his new home.
Only Qaffe is still here now, and he will set off to Finland in early October, to live with S*ÄgirsHus BC Freke and start his show career.

2013-08-31: Qyss and Qvader are leaving today to their new lovely families. We wish them all the best!

2013-08-10: Yesterday Maja started calling and went to meet with Ossian.

2013-08-03: Yesterday the two foster kits Poppy and Pinne moved to their forever homes and we wish them all the best with their new families.

2013-07-31: Our little foster kit Plus left for her new home today. We wish her luck.

2013-07-26: Today Pipa left for her new home - she is now living with her older brother Narfe (from our N-litter) :-)

2013-07-25: this week Promenad, Plaska, Poplin and Pan have moved- we wish them all good luck!
Pan has been sold to Sandra at SE*Anamiacats and will also mate with our Maiara next year.

2013-07-13: Our lovely boy Magne has now retired and he will enjoy life as a neuter with his special person Inger in Malmö.
We will bring himn to a few shows during 2014 though to get him to an IP.

2013-06-18: The Q-babies have now gotten their names.
I have also made some plans for 2014.

2013-06-08: Last night Maiara gave birth to her seven kits by c-section.
Two of the babes were strongly affected by the anastetic gas and they never got their breathing working properly - they died.
Maiara and five babies are today doing fine, and they are eating and gaining weight!

2013-05-31: Today the La Perm got its preliminary Recognition in FIFe!!!
I'm so happy that all the work we have put in finally gave results :-D

2013-05-04: The P-litter have now gotten their names.

2013-04-29: A few minutes after midnight Krinolin started to give birth - five beautiful babies!

2013-04-23: Maiara has pinked up, so we expect her kits around June 6th!

2013-04-04: Maiara and Magne is mating this week!

2013-03-26: Krinolin is pregnant - we expect kittens in end of April :-D

2013-03-01: Krinolin and Magne has mated so if all goes well we will have kittens around 28th of April!

2013-02-25: Lycka har left for her new home; a family with three children which means many hands to cuddle her :-)
We wish them good luck together!

2013-02-22: Metta left for her new home with Peter in Gnosjö - she is going to mate with Anamiacat's Valentin when he is ready. We wish them all the best!

2013-02-06: Lycka is now reserved for a new home.

2013-02-03: Save and sound home again from Örebro and our regocnition show!
It went really well and we had a good sialogue with the judges about out breed and the proposed standard/scale of points that we had presented.
We were asked to make a few adjustments to make it fit better to the FIFe model and we´ll try to do so before the 2:nd part of the recog. show in Hetherlands on March 3rd.
Magne was best male, Maiara best Female, Metta second best and my bred Krusidull third best female. Maja was best junior of the La Perms, so I'm happy :-D
I want to thank everyone of you who had us in your thought and kept your fingers crossed!

Ove have now left for his new home and we wish him and his family all the best!

2013-02-01: Today we are leaving for Örebro and the recognition show that is held tomorrow!!
Keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

2013-01-29: Both Metta and Ove are now reserved for new homes!

2013-01-26: We still have one lovely male kitten for sale - Ove.
Look at page Kittens.

2013-01-10: Some uppdates on our plans for 2013.
I have decided to take it a bit more easy due to my increasing health problems (I suffer from Ehler's Danlos Syndrome),
and therefor I might find new homes for my two darlings Lycka and Metta.
I would be glad to sell either of them to a registered breeder !

Right now my energy is focused on the upcoming FIFe Recognition Show being held in Örebro,Sweden on February 2nd
and Schiedam,Netherlands on March 3rd.
I and my dear collegue Karin Langeveld, cattery NL*Takoda, have been working hard for several years to come this far
so please keep your fingers crossed for a success and a Recogniton for our wonderful breed - the La Perm!


2012-11-30: New photos of Nertus

2012-11-25: Njord was the last kitten out - he left this morning, and we wish him all the best in his new home.
New plans - we have decided to mate Krinolin to Magne one more time :-)

2012-11-24: This morning Narfe went off with his new "mom" - we wish him good luck in his new home!

2012-11-23: Today Nanna left for her new home - we wish them all the best in the future!

2012-11-22: New photos of Narfe, Njord, Nertus, Nanna and Norna.
Norna is leaving today - good luck in your new home!

2012-11-21: Today Nörr is leaving for his new home. We wish him and his family good luck in the future!

2012-11-09: I've started to make new plans for 2013. Maiara is clear but I still lack good mates for the rest of the girls.

2012-10-19: Two days ago sweet Siep felt not quite well and Lina took him to the vet's
for a checkup - he'd got a severe pneumonia and was admitted ...
his state only got worse though he had both antibiotics, oxygen and fluids.
This evening they called from the animal hospital with the utterly sad new he was in such a poor stat he wouldn't make it through the night...
We cannot beleive this is happening, he is such a young and fine cat!!
Bye Bye lovely Siep, you'll be with us in our hearts.

2012-09-25: New photos of Lycka.
2012-09-19: New photos of Maiara.
2012-09-16: Jorunn had her litter this morning! Five beautiful curlies :-)
2012-08-31: The kittens got their names today.
2012-08-28: Today Krinolin had her litter, 6 curly babies! Congratulations to her and Magne; Proud parents!
2012-08-25: Happy Birthday Metta and Magne!!!
2012-08-18: New photo of Lycka.
2012-08-11: Today we say Happy Birthday to Lycka, Lust and Leva!!! :-D
2012-08-10: S*ÄgirsHus BC Garm became a father to five lovely curlies on August 5th, at cattery Som'sis in Germany.
We say congratulations!!

2012-08-04: Jorunn is also expecting kittens!! Around September 17th.
2012-08-01: New photos in the Happenings gallery "ratcage".
2012-07-19: New photos of Metta and Lycka.
2012-07-19: It seems like Krinolin is expecting kittens! She is due around August 28th!
2012-07-18: S*ÄgirsHus BC Jorid has become a mother for the first time!
Her babies were born at cattery SE*Permstars on July 15th and 17th - we congratulate them!

2012-07-16: New photos of Magne.
New photos of Metta , Lycka and Bysen
Magne and Jorunn have started mating!!
2012-07-13: New photo of Siep on Our Cats.

2012-07-05: Just wanted to share that S*ÄgirsHus BC Leva has become a father again!
At SE*Anamiacat's the litter was a born on June 29th. We congratulate to the babies!

2012-06-26: Now Magne finally figured out how to play with his girlfriends!
Krinolin and Magne started mating yesterday.

2012-06-15: The La Perms of Scandinavia website has moved to

2012-05-28: Jorunn and Magne are done for this time...Magne did not at all get his part in this so no babies this time ;-)

2012-05-27: New photos of Jorunn, Magne and Maiara

2012-05-23: Jorunn is in heat!! She is going to meet Magne tonight :-)

2012-05-14: Yesterday sweet little NL*Takoda BC Maiara moved in with us!
We are so happy to have her - thank you, Karin and Henk, for letting us have her!!

2012-05-03: S*ÄgirsHus BC Leva became a father today at cattery SE*Anamiacat's!!!
We say congratulations to the whole family :-D

We have decided to bring a boy home from Holland, from cattery Kia-Ora, to be shared with cattey SE*Mirror.
It is a fawn and white odd-eyed boy - NL*Kia-Ora Maitai Atama.

Iin May our new sweet girl NL*Takoda Maiara is moving in here!

On April 15th we will attend a cat show in Malmö with five of our La Perms - Bysen, Krinolin, Lycka, Metta and Magne.

New ownerphotos of Magne.

New photos of Lycka and Metta.

We just said good bye to Bubble - she went to her new family to live with another La Perm, I hope they will become good friends.

Got Metta's DNA results today and as I thought I have to change her from blue silver tabby point to lilac silver tabby point :-)

: Galleries of Lycka and Metta updated.

: Due to Bubble´s heath we have decided to neuter her - she is at the vet´s today.

Bubble has yet another pyometra - meaning no babies this time. We now have to discuss if to try again or just simply give up and have her neutered.

I have learned that the F-status has to changed on some of the cats, since FIFe won´t accept the BS La Perms as La Perm
when counting generations for the recognitionshow,and many of our cats have one or another BS-perm in the pedigree.
Hopefully we will have enough cats for the recognitionshow, planned for February 2013, anyway.

Yesteday Bubble went on a date with Kosumi - we wish them luck in their doings!

: Visited Magne at his home - see pics in the Happenings Gallery!

Added ownerphotos of Groa, Balder and Magne. Updated Krinolin's gallery. Updated the "kittens" gallery.

2011-11-17: Lust left for his new home today, he will live with a La Perm girl as friend. We wish him and his new family good luck in the future!
2011-11-03: Today Leva left us for his new family. He will stay at SE*Anamiacats with Sandra Herrlin and her lovely family.
2011-10-08: Woody has moved to Gothenburgh
2011-10-07: Jorunn has left to meet her cavalliere; Kosumi.
2011-10-04: New photos of Woody
2011-09-13: I don´t even want to write this, but yesterday little Manna had to be put to sleep due to intestinal failure
2011-09-04: News in the happenings gallery; Lycka, Lust and Leva explores the world on Sunday morning
2011-09-01: Today we lost little Myla as well. :-(
2011-08-29: Now the M-litter has got their names.
Unfortunately we lost one little boy, Måne, last night...
2011-08-25: Bubble had her litter today !
She also had to have a c-section due to a baby stuck in her birth canal.
2011-08-20: I have made photogalleries for the L-litter
2011-08-13: I have very sad news today...our beloved Cordelia is dead...
She had some complications post-op and died at the animal hospital this afternoon after spending the last 24 hours at intensive care.
I cannot tell how devestated we are...
2011-08-11: Cordelia had kittens! Unfortunately she had to deliver by c-section, but kittens are doing fine.
2011-07-31: Bubble is also expecting!!
2011-06-27: Cordelia has pinked up!!! We are expencting her kittens on August 10 :-D
2011-06-12:Added two photos of Krusidull, sent by her owners.
2011-06-09: Cordelia and Kahpo has now mated for a couple of days, so we look forward to kittens in August.
2011-05-20: Sorry to announce that Bubble is not pregnant - I have to go with plan B. (see Our plans)
2011-05-08: New photo of Junior.
2011-04-30: Bubble and Kahpo are mating!! Fingers crossed... New photo in Kahpo´s gallery
2011-04-08: And finally some new photos Cordelia, Woody, Juno, Knicken and Bubblecut
2011-04-04: As we received the results of Bubblecut´s DNA-testing we had to have her coulour changed...She is chocolate silver tabby mink. ;-)
2011-04-02: Krusidull and Karamell have left home today and we wish them the best of luck in their new families!
2011-03-20: New photo of Cordelia and Bysen.
2011-03-12: New photos of Bysen and Bubblecut
2011-02-20: I have changed my kitten to keep - Now I go for Krinolin.
2011-02-15: The flight tickets are now booked - Kapho is coming to Sweden on February 27th!!
2011-01-23: Today we finally made up our minds about which kitten to keep. It´s Krimskrams.
2011-01-17: New pics in Gallery - owner´s pictures of Gimle!
2011-01-16: The kittens are now named.
2011-01-13: Today our beautiful girl Vlinder moved to her new home. She will now live as the only cat in the household, which will suit her much better !
2011-01-02: Kittens!! Plommon had 7 lovely babies - 6 curlies and one staight. We are so happy!
2010-12-16: We have reciveved new photos and updated the owner´s galleries of
Balder, Fenja, Groa, Ilma, Jedda, Jette, Jarl and Jorid.
2010-11-22: Plommon has pinked up! Kittens expected on January 2nd 2011
2010-10-31: Plommon is at Ive´s house mating!
2010-10-09: Sorry to anounce that Bubble ended her pregnancy yesterday...No luck this time either :-(
New photos of Ingel and Jorunn.
2010-09-10: We got our Bubble back home today. Hopefully we get lucky this time!
2010-09-07: Just got new from Ive´s family - several matings and still going on.
2010-09-03: Today Bubble went to visit her new boyfriend, Ive, we keep our fingers crossed for a good result!
2010-08-17: New plans for Bubble - she will be mated to S*Ägirs Hus BC Ive at her next call.
2010-08-15: I´m sorry to announce that Bubble miscarried...
We bid farewell to our wonderful boy Garm, who moves to Germany today to live with Cattery Som'Sis
2010-08-05:New photos of Plommon, Jedda, Jette and Jarl.
2010-07-26: We have recieved new photos of Ilma.
2010-07-06:New photos from the owners of Fylgja, Birk, Fenja and Jedda & Jette
2010-06-29: Bubble and Garm have mated!!
2010-06-13: Bubblecut now has her own gallery (new photos from today) here.
2010-06-10: Bubblecut is here! - Here and here are my two first photos of her.
2010-05-18: Believe it or not - once again my flight to England was cancelled due to the ash cloud!
Still no Bubblecut that is. I´ll try again though...
2010-05-11: Long overdue - I took and added a new photo of our Cornish Rex; Junior
2010-05-10: We have recieved new photos from the owners of Fylgja, Birk, Jedda and Jette
2010-05-03: Today I booked a new flight to England, May 16-17, to collect my Bubblecut.
Keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong this time!
Garm will be staying until August, so no problems with time to have the two mated...:-)
2010-04-25: New photos of Garm and Woody
2010-04-19: Well, due to the volcanic ashes I was not able to fly to England to collect Bubblecut yesterday...We´ll se when it can happen, and if Garm is still here by then...
2010-04-15: The warmth of spring in the happenings-gallery :)
2010-04-14:Uploaded two new photos of Cordelia, taken this evening.
2010-04-12: This Sunday, April 18th, I´m flying to England to collect my new La Perm queen Bubblecut!
2010-04-05: We have recieved and put up new ownerphotos of Henning. - And btw don't miss out Garm and Jorunn in the happenings-gallery :)
2010-04-04: We have recieved and put up new ownerphotos of Jorunn, Jette, Jedda and Ingel :)
2010-03-29: Today Plommon´s kittens moved to their new homes!
2010-03-26: Some new plans.
2010-03-25: Spring has arrived! - in the Happenings gallery :)
2010-03-21: Today our last Selkirk kitten, Henning, moved to his forever home.
He now lives with his half brother King Ashur.
2010-03-20: We've been visiting Ingel , now 4-months old - photos in the "happenings" gallery :)
2010-03-16:We are happy to say that we have recieved (and uploaded) new photos of Balder, Fenja, Ive, Ilma and Ingel!
2010-02-19: Our beloved Tom went to cat-heaven today, after a long time of illness..
2010-02-09: Today Helge is leaving for Norway!
Ilma and Idun moved out today.
2010-01-29: Today Igul and Ingel moved to their new homes.
2010-01-27: Now Princess´s kits start to move out. Ive left yesterday, to Camilla in Simrishamn.
2010-01-26: La perm now has it´s own database on PawPeds!
2010-01-23:Today Elsa moved to her new home at cattery S*Kittenbergs.
2010-01-21: All of Plommon´s babies are now sold!
2010-01-15: Finally the J-litter have got their names!
2010-01-11: New ownerphotos of Grane , Groa, Fafne och Edvina
2010-01-06: New photos of Woody and Bysen
2010-01-02: Plommon had her babies today!! Five of them. This is Chumba´s first litter.
(more info+pics coming tomorrow)
: New in the happenings gallery "Wintercoats on ice"
2010-01-01: Our beautiful, S*Ägirs Hus Elsa, born April 18th 2009, is again for sale!!
I would very much like her to go as a breeding queen, as she is an excellent specimen of her breed, and also homozygous.
Elsa was initially sold to a breeder abroad, but due to certain circumstances this breeder is unfortunately unable to take her.
So, if you think you have the perfect home for Elsa, just let me know!
We got a picture of one of S*Ägirs Hus SimSalaBim´s sons, King Ashur, now 8 mths old.
He is a real beauty!!
2009-12-26: We were sent new photos of Freke, Fenja, Balder and Nimra :)
2009-12-17: New photos of Woody and Garm
2009-12-13: Elin sent us new photos of Bysen´s brother Balder.
2009-12-01:Nimra´s owner sent us new photos :)
2009-11-29:Added new photos recieved from Fylgja´s and Fenris´ owners , new photos of Garm and Woody.
2009-11-12: Yesterday we had Woody neutered.
This morning Princess gave birth to 5 curly kittens!
Two girls and three boys.
2009-10-29: Yesterday Plommon went to see Chumba in Gothenburg. They have already mated several times I´m told!!! :-D
Some updates and corrections of pedigrees, and our new La Perm boy Garm is now on "Our cats"
I have uploaded new photos of Groa and Freke sent by their owners :)
Today Daisy´s babies got their names!
2009-10-14: Daisy had her babies today!! Three boys, all chocolate/whites.
This weekend Grane and Groa has left for their new homes.
2009-09-27: Princess is pregnant!! She is due November 2nd!!
New pics of Fenja, in Norway, in her gallery!
Today Nimra moved to her new home, we wish her all the best with her new family!
Photos from us visiting the G-litter are now avaiable in the Happenings-gallery.
2009-09-01: Daisy has pinked up!! Kittens expected october 15th.
Woody and Princess mated during the weekend, now we keep our fingers crossed for some results...
Today Edvina were picked up by her new family and set off to the Netherlands.!
: Today Fafne, the last one of Cordelia´s kittens, has left us...
New Selkirk kitten added to "kittens" page.
2009-07-29: A dear friend, and selkirk rex breeder, has, due to personal reasons, decided to give up her breeding.
There are now one queen, SRS a, who needs a new home.
Also two kittens 1 female ns 11, born April 11th, and 1 female cs, homozygous, born June 12.
Both kits are shorthair and sired by S*Ägirs Hus SimSalaBim.
Some pics here.
2009-07-28:Fylgja has moved to her new family in Stockholm, and everthing is going well! See her last pics in her gallery!
2009-07-20: Today, Fenja moved to Norway and Fenris to Gothenburg - See their final photos (+ their crazy brother) in the happenings gallery
2009-07-18: Today, Freke moved to Finland.
2009-07-15: "A wooden box" - photos in the happenings gallery
2009-07-06: Early this morning Plommon gave birth to four beautiful babies!! (pics will follow tomorrow)
2009-07-05: 100% Fylgja ; go to the Happenings gallery to see what our little girl is up to while the rest are asleep..
2009-06-23: Today was the first day we've let the kittens out to explore our catsafe garden - see it in the happenings gallery :)
2009-06-15: Freedom! - See the kittens explore the house in the happenings gallery.
2009-05-24: Plommon finally pinked up! - Kittens are expected July 6.
2009-05-07: Woody and his kittens can be seen together in the happenings gallery :)
2009-05-01: The La Perm litter has now got their names!
Both of the Selkirk babies are now booked. One goes to Australia and one goes to Holland!
Photos of the new kittens are avaiable in the happenings gallery
2009-04-23: We're extremely happy to announce that Cordelia gave birth to five lovely, curly kittens
2009-04-23: 18:30 ; Cordelia is in labour!
2009-04-21:Kittens page updated with Daisy´s litter!
:Early this morning Daisy gave birth to her kittens :) : more information coming later..
2009-04-12: We'd like to acknowledge that S*ÄgirsHus SimSalaBim (Selkirk Rex) became a father yesterday , photos can be seen here
2009-04-06: Elin sent us a great photo of S*ÄgirsHus BC Balder, now 14 months old: the photo can be seen in Balder´s gallery (owner pictures) in the "Kittens" gallery,
2009-04-03:Spring is here! - in the gallery :)
Plommon didn´t get pregnant ...we await her next heat and they will have to try again!
New photo of Bysen
Cordelia has pinked up as well!
Daisy has pinked up , babies on the way!!
Woody och Plommon have mated - Photos in the Happenings gallery !
Two days ago our new La Perm boy arrived to Sweden. His name is BC Chumba Wom Feld and he is from Germany. This boy is co-owned with Shangri-La Feline and Divine Curly Cats.
2009-02-23: Cordelia and Woody have mated a few times during last week. We hope for tiny curls around April 24th!
"Wintercats 2" - new entry in the happenings gallery.
Daisy and SimSalaBim have spent the weekend mating, so we hope for babys in April!
New photos of Woody, Bysen and Junior
2009-02-11: "SnowTime" - Woody and Bysen in the snow can be seen in the "happenings" gallery.
Elin sent us new photos of beautiful Balder - who now, suitingly for winter, has grown a long wintercoat.
Karin and Ester sent us photos of Birk and his mistress Elsie.
Also new photos from the owners of Dimma and her brother Douglas

(all these photos can be seen in the kittens gallery)

2009-02-10: 2 new photos of Woody.
2009-02-06: Happy Birthday Tamlin - 12 years old today!

2009-02-04: New photo of Bysen.
2009-02-03: New photos of Junior and Woody.
2009-01-25: "Plans" and "Our cats" updated.
Abracadabra has now been neutered, and has moved to my sister and her family.
2009-01-02: "Cats on ice" - Bysen and Woody on our frozen pond can now be seen in the Happenings gallery.
I Found this this photo from this summer , showing Cordelia and Vlinders Selkirk Rex-kitten Lilla Ma.
The photo shows well how much care Cordelia showed for both her own and Vlinder´s kittens.
2008-12-21: New photos of Abracadabra, Plommon and Bysen.
2008-12-18: Happy Bithday to our lovely La Perm girl Cordelia, turning 3 today!
New photos of Woody and Bysen.
2008-12-11:An answer to the question why we put our fake plastic Christmas tree back in its box can now be seen in the Happenings gallery ;)
2008-11-30:Photos from Cats Day 2008 are now in the "Happenings" gallery. Updated Woodys gallery..
2008-11-28: Woody now is on the "Our cats" page .. and also I added a gallery of his own.
2008-11-25: AbraKadaBra´s owner sent us a couple of photos, : this is what the beatutiful boy looks like today.
2008-11-23: New photo of Bysen.
2008-11-22: The first snow of winter has arrived - see Bysen and Abracadabra in the snow in the "happenings" gallery.New photo of Tom.
2008-11-19: Woody arrives! - Today I finally got my new La Perm boy, Frisson BC Woodsmoke. Thank you so much Anne-Louise for letting us have this beautiful boy. He really is a darling! ...The resulting photos can be viewed in the "happenings" gallery. (I will add a couple of more photos the coming days)

2008-11-16: "Plans" and "Our Cats" pages are now avaiable in English - Due to a linkproblem that I was unaware of - the
buttons previously linked to the Swedish versions. - Kudos to our many international visitors who somehow managed to
understand Swedish.

Happy Birthday to Ida who turns 15 today!

2008-11-12: Long overdue - I took a couple of new photos of Daisy.
2008-10-20: New photo of Cordelia
2008-10-19: New photo of Tom. Today Bysen and Daisy are at their first cat show in Höganäs, Sweden
2008-10-04: New photo of Cordelia and Bysen + photos of Balder from his owner
2008-09-23:Daisy now has a gallery - thanks to Ingrid for the photos.
2008-09-22: New photos of Cordelia and Bysen
2008-09-16: Sheelan sent us a powerpoint presentation of SimSalaBim! Watch it here
2008-09-14:I created a new photoblog (in english) ; the new adress is
2008-09-09: Added new photos of Cordelia and Bysen
2008-09-06: Today we went to see our former kittens Bejla and Blunder! (Photos in "happenings")
2008-09-04: News in the "happenings" gallery
I have changed the mating plans for Abra and Daisy, they will mate during autumn/winter 2008.
After that Abra will retire from breeding.
New addition to the "happenings" gallery; The cat by the gravestones.
News in the "Happenings" gallery : The neighbours cat came visiting...and btw I just got around and started a photoblog : - I will try to shoot and upload a new photo every day..
Dimma moved today.
2008-08-14:News in the "Happenings" gallery : Bysen in the garden.
2008-08-13: The owner of Birk sen us this funny story (MS Word document). Birk is in love with his toy mouse -
and he loves to pick it up , drop it in the dogs waterbowl, then pick it up again.
2008-08-12: New photo of Dimma
2008-08-07: News in "happenings"
2008-08-06: New photos of Dimma and FilioKus
I have uploaded owners photos of Plommon, Morot, Bejla, Blunder och Balder
2008-07-26: Added "Bysens day out" to the "Happenings" gallery.
2008-07-25: It's hot today; 31 C. Solution.
2008-07-24: Photos of Daisy; our newest Selkirk Rex are now available in "Our Cats".
2008-07-23: New photos of Dimma, Darwin and Bysen..
2008-07-21: I tried shooting some portraits of Bysen, Dimma and Douglas today - the result can be viewed in their galleries.30 minutes later I witness
Bysen vs Cordelia
I got my new camera (Nikon D300) today :) - Some testphotos can be seen in Cordelia and Dimmas galleries - + here and here. More photos
will probably be added shortly.

Version 3.0 of the site is now online - there are many changes - both graphically and "under the hood" of the site. - Also - all galleries (including the old litters) have been updated/remade. I have a few details left to do - but expect that I'll be done withing a week or so.

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